At CMC Motorsports®, we’re proud to offer the highest quality model cars available for every Formula 1 fan. For instance, put the pride you have in teams like Scuderia Ferrari and Aston Martin on display in your home or office. Or, look through our excellent selection of F1 car models for the ideal collectible cars for loved ones who are diehard fans of Mercedes AMG or Alpine.

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When you shop at CMC Motorsports®, you can rest assured that you’re getting only licensed, official F1 merchandise. Feel free to try out our team wear to wear exactly what your favorite drivers wear on race day. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our fan wear if you don’t necessarily need the sponsors’ logos on your F1 apparel. Either way, you’ll feel like you’re right on the track and, even more, in the winner’s circle when you wear our Formula 1 merchandise.

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1. What Formula 1 scale models are available?

Model cars’ scale sizes are fractions of the actual cars’ sizes. F1 car models at CMC Motorsports® range from 1:48 to 1:43 and 1:18, with a 1:48 car being 1/48 of the real vehicle’s size, for example. Smaller scale numbers translate to larger models, so a 1:18 diecast car is larger than a 1:48 car is. With smaller-scale models (e.g., 1:48), you’ll feel like you’re racing with your favorite driver anywhere. Meanwhile, bigger-scale models (e.g., 1:18) are super detailed, making them perfect centerpieces for your decor or collection display.

2. Why purchase an F1 diecast car, and what should you look for?

If you’re like most F1 fans, you can only dream of owning an actual F1 car. However, owning a highly detailed diecast car that will light up your room is more than obtainable at CMC Motorsports®. You can tell that a diecast car is high quality if it’s an accurate miniature replica of a particular race car. Its color should mirror that of the real car, and the livery needs to be correct. The driver decal and car interior should also match the time frame or race associated with the original vehicle.

3. What are some of the best F1 car models?

Car models like the Haas, McLaren, Mercedes AMG, and Red Bull Racing F1 diecast cars are all top quality.

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